Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod 75875

Wow, that’s a long name! It includes four minifigures, a workshop with a winning podium at the back, a starting light, a LEGO trophy, a checkered flag, an engine lift and extra engine for the hot rod, two awesome vehicles and a ton of stickers!

This set required three instruction booklets in order to construct this large set. It was an enjoyable build for the Rose kids.


The Cars

The Ford F-150 is nice and big. It includes suspension, perfect for a smooth ride, and the tail gate goes up and down to increase the space in the tray. It also features a trailer which is perfectly designed to accommodate the Hot Rod. The trailer can also detach and has a stand at the front to it can stay balanced when not attached to the F-150.

The Hot Rod looks fantastic with bigger wheels at the back, flames on the side, big exhaust pipes and a choice of two mean looking engines that you can switch between using the engine lift in the workshop. It fits nicely on the F-150’s trailer.



The workshop includes a mechanic with welding mask (and under the mask the minifig is sweating from how hot it is welding!), and lots of diffent tools - an oil can, fire extinguisher, engine trolley, a drill and various other tools - some kept in drawers and cupboards, and some on the wall above the drawers.

Behind the workshop is a finishing podium for the trophy presentation, which is a nice feature. The set also includes a drag racing ‘Christmas tree’ with lights and a nice Ford logo either side at the bottom, as well as a minifig with a checkered flag.



The whole set was fun to build, the main let-down was that, unlike some of the other Speed Champions sets, this set didn’t include any female minifigs. Overall, this set was an awesome build with lots of playability potential with all the different features, and the kids can’t wait until the LEGO Speed Champions Series 2 hits stores!