Porsche 919 Hybrid and 917K Pit Lane 75876

Daniel (age 13) and Tony (age 11) were immediately impressed with the set just from the box artwork.

The set includes 5 minifigures, of those there were 2 females (a race car driver and a workshop assistant). They were looking for the specifications of the cars, which were printed on previous Speed Champion series.

The set includes 2 instruction booklets, 1 for the workshop and 1 for both cars, and the bags were numbered which makes it even easier. There were some new pieces in the built. What really stood out was the sticker sheet. A total of 73 stickers in total. This was going to be a fiddley build.


Red & White Porsches

Tony thinks the red car must be the fastest out of the 2 because of its colour. The car has some cool printed “Porsche” tiles and heaps of stickers. Most of the time was spent trying to put the stickers on straight. It is a nice looking car, especially the back which looks like a race car.

The white Porsche has a female racing driver and has a “Porsche” printed windscreen which is special. There were so many stickers on this one it got very confusing. With 4 pages in the row of stickers. “It took the fun out of building, it’s just a stickered machine” said Tony “I’ve done all the stickers.....NO WAY, there is 2 more pages” If you have the patience and a steady hand, the white Porsche is still a great race car. The stickers do make it look fantastic.



Daniel built the workshop which has a few technic pieces thrown in the mix. He enjoyed the creativeness of it and it did include stickers. The instructions could have applied the stickers before placing walls together.

The workshop is neat and folds up quite compact and looks great. The walls feel thin and the loading ramps are a bit fragile but the way it folds up is really “cool”



Way too many stickers, most of the time was spent applying them and not enough building. The chequered flag stickers were not favoured over printed flags in older LEGO sets.

The boys would have like to see the cars statistics somewhere on the box (they ended up googling these details).

Overall the Speed Champion series is awesome (as all LEGO is) and what young LEGO car fan wouldn’t want one?

Note: The yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is not included in this set.
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